Path To Employment

It is important for our students to receive top-notch instruction in the program of our choice. However, our goal is for our students to work successfully in a new career.  The Mercer County Technical Education Center assists all students in their quest for meaningful employment.  We have outlined below the steps that will help you acquire employment. You can click any arrow to be taken to more information.


Find a Job!

The Mercer County Technical Education Center utilizes the free services of ZipRecruiter to assist students in finding a job.  The following links will guide program completers in seeking employment.  If you need assistance, please see the Student Services Facilitator on campus.



Free Placement Service

Click here to search for jobs or create an account.

Resume Help

Click here to access training in writing a dynamic resume.

Placement Service Plan

Click here to access the Mercer County Technical Education Center's Placement plan.

Salary Calculator

Click here to see comparable salaries in your chose field.

Full Time Jobs Near Me

Click here to access full time jobs in the local area.

High School Employment

Click here to see jobs for high school students.